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Ms Mrick's Surprise

Surprisingly Ms Mrick stands in the doorway, talking to Dayna.

- "Ms Mrick's surprise" is a necessary task, to continue
- Quest is available since alpha 0.5

- "Larissas escape"

(this quest continues over several locations and different times)
- Day 2
- Entry area, main characters home


  • Opening:
    - [starts automatically]

  • Continues #1
    (Ms Mrick already left after the opening)

    (optional before Police)
    - Enter shed
    - Talk to Dayna

    - Enter Police Department
    - Talk to Officer Jones
    - Tell Officer Jones when you are ready for the interview

    (with Detective Rylee):

    There are 4 different ways to play this interview session.
    It's importent to tell the thruth (at least) three times to continue
    later on with the quest line and Ms Mrick in alpha 0.6

    Detective Rylee has four questions for you.

    You can choose:
    - to be honest (truth)
    - deny the question (lie)
    - avoid (dodge/skip)
    - to leave the interview

If you played "banking secrets" before, it's even more intense.

..with the possibility to visit Ms Mrick on day 3