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Garage repair

The garage door wasn't flawless before, but since a few days,
it is completely broken.
It opened just a bit and then automatically close again, after stucking.
Rebecca's husband doesn't care anymore, since his accident and alone,
she can not get the spare part installed.

- Garage repair is an optional quest
- It is a necessary task, to continue with Rebecca
- Quest is available since alpha 0.2


- Garage door spare part

- Day 0 after Rebecca's introduction
- Main characters home, entry area, Dayna

- Talk to Dayna about Rebecca

(day 1 needed to continue)
- Visit Rebecca's house
- Talk to Rebecca, waiting in front of her garage
- Visit Toolpoint
- Get the garage door spare part from Sebastian
- Bring the garage door repair part to Rebecca

This quest progresses over two days.
After finishing this quest, it automatically triggers
the following quest for Rebecca: "Home invitation"

If you miss to help Rebecca, Sebastian will help her with it
on day 1.

- Rebecca's house