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Larissa's escape

A few days earlier than expected, Larissa's husband went on a trip,
with a friend, so she's alone at home and after having a nice evening
with Dayna and the main character, she thought about spending
some more days with them.

- "Larissa's escape" is a necessary task to continue
- Quest is available since alpha 0.5
- Scope of the quest was adjusted with alpha 0.6

- Day 2
- Main characters home

- Day 2, as soon as the main character entered home for the first time on day 2


  • Opening: (day 2 morning)
    Enter home


  • Continue #1: (day 2 night)
    - Go to bed on day 2

  • Continue #2: (day 3)
    - Enter kitchen after waking up

(Larissa already left for a shower)

- Enter second floor
- Interact with the opened bathroom door
- Enter Dayna's bedroom
- Collect Larissa's bag from Dayna's bed
- Enter Bathroom


- MC home bathroom