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Picture frame

Main characters picture frame, from his old apartment,
showing an image of him, together with Jill.

- "Picture frame" is a necessary quest to continue
- Quest is available since alpha 0.2

- Pack of nails
- Hammer
- Drilling machine
- Drilling machine attachment
- Drilling machine with attachment (items combined by drag & drop in inventory)
- Picture frame
- Dustpan set


Box in mc's room

Box in mc's room



Mc's room floor

Dustpan set

- Day 1 after waking up
- Mc's room, main characters home

- After waking up on day 1
- Interact with the picture frame on main characters room floor
- Interact with the boxes next to itin the same room
- Visit Toolpoint (requires additonal main story progress)
- Interact with the shelf on the left side (tools & accessories)
- "Talk about the nails you need" with Sebastian (requires additional main story progress)
- Buy accessories
- Go back into main characters room
- Grab the picture frame
- Combine attachment and drilling machine
- Drag and drop drilling machine with attachment on the marked area
- Drag and drop nails on the marked area
- Drag and drop hammer on the marked area
- Drag and drop picture frame on the marked area
- Interact with the hung up picture frame
- "Peek through the hole"
- Go to bathroom
- Grab the dustpan set from the cabinet
- Enter mom's bedroom
- Drag and drop the dustpan set on the dirt on the ground


- To be able to leave mc's home after waking up on day 1,
you'll need to talk to Dayna first (based on main story)
- To buy the accessories, you'll need to continue with the
OLP Bank step before, to continue (based on main story)

- Mom's bedroom