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Shed renovation

After Dayna's husband left, the shed just was an storage room,
half emptied and hardly noticed.
Dayna plans to renovate the shed, to have finally an own room,
for yoga, workouts or just movie nights with friends.


- "Shed renovation" is a necessary task to continue
- Quest is available since alpha 0.1

- Allen key set


  1. possibility

    - On the left sided shelf, in the shed

  2. possibility

    - Interaction with Dayna, in the kitchen (home),
    after finishing the picture frame quest line


- Talk with Dayna about shed renovation
- Meet Dayna in shed (requires additional main story progress)
- Interact with Dayna sitting on the table
- Get the allen key set, from the boxes, inside mc's room
- Go back in the shed

  1. possibility

    - Drag and drop the allen key set at Dayna

  2. possibility (includes an additional animated scene for Dayna)

    - Drag and drop the allen key set on the folded table,
    leaning against the shelf

- Interact with Dayna, standing now on the folding table setup.

This quest line progresses over several days and depends
on the progress of the main story.

(on day 3 at daytime, you can find Dayna renovating the shed)
(on day 3 at nighttime, you can find the finished painted shed)

to be continued..