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Visit aunt Larissa

After returning home, Dayna tells the main character, that Larissa
asked for him lately and Dayna suggests, to stop by her place
and say 'hello', now that he is back again.
Dayna also tells, that Larissa and her, wants to have a meeting
the next day and the main character are invited to join in, if he likes to.

- "Visit aunt Larissa" is a necessary task to continue
- Quest is available since alpha 0.2
- Quest continued with alpha 0.4
- Quest accessibility was adjusted with alpha 0.6

- Day 1
- Glasses

- Day 0 prologue (quest triggers automatically)


  • Step 1 (opening)
  1. Possibility

    Go and visit Larissa on Day 1 after waking up.

  2. Possibility
    Play "shed renovation" until Dayna asks you, to pick up Larissa for the meeting.

  • Step 2 (reporting and continue)

- Talk to Dayna about Larissa
- Go to living room
- Talk to Dayna again
- Go to entry area
- Wait until Larissa arrives (noticable sound/text appears, as soon as she has arrived)
- Interact with the entry area door

  • Step 3 (kitchen)

- Interact with the small cabinet, next to the dishrack
- Bring the glasses to the living room
- Interact with the couch

  • Step 4 (bring Larissa back home)

- Ask Larissa about "Mom"


- Larissa's house, entrance area